Trend Trader Daily Review: Lou Basenese Stress? (2023)

Trend Trader Daily Review: Lou Basenese Stress? (1)

Trend Trader Daily is a stock picking service created by Lou Basenese.

Lou claims it can help you capitalize on the biggest technology trends.

Some of their most popular services are:

  • digital resources
  • Micro-Cap Advantage
  • Biotech Breakdown Alarm
  • acquisitions merchant
  • Trend Trader Pro

Is this all a scam or a legit opportunity?

You will get an answer in this review.

You'll also get important background information, a glimpse into Lou Basenese's past, and more.

By the time you're done reading, you'll know if the Trend Trader Daily products are worth the money.

Let's start!

Daily Summary for Trend Traders

Trend Trader Daily Review: Lou Basenese Stress? (2)

Owner:lou basenese

Preis:$299 per year for introductory service (thousands per year for others)


I recommend this?It depends

Summary:Trend Trader Daily looks like a decent investment resource.

The cheapest product is not too expensive and there are some customers who claim to have made money from stock picking.

However, the stocks I've been looking at have done very poorly and I have doubts about Lou Basenese's past.

Proceed with caution and do not buy expensive products until you get good results.

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3 Things to Know About Trend Trader Daily

Before we dive into Trend Trader Daily's services, let's take a look at some important background.

This is what I think you should know about this editor:

1) Is Lou Basenese lying about his past?

Trend Trader Daily Review: Lou Basenese Stress? (3)

Lou Basenese is someone you can find on Fox Business and other television networks sharing his beliefs about the stock market.

According to him, he is a Wall Street veteran who wants to help small investors build their stock portfolios.

That's why he founded Trend Trader Daily.

It's a beautiful story, but is it true?

Could be, but that would mean Lou Basenese isn't his real name.

I don't know LinkedInHe claims to have been an investment adviser and analyst at Morgan Stanley and a senior account executive at Commonwealth Risk.

The problem is that there is no record of a Lou Basenese working at any of these companies or passing the exams to fill these positions.

You'll see that for a job as an investment analyst, you have to pass an 86/87 series that tests your ability to do the job of an analyst.

You must also register with an organization called FINRA, which has a database of all research analysts:

Trend Trader Daily Review: Lou Basenese Stress? (4)

If you look in the FINRA records, there's no one by the name of Lou Basenese.

There is only one person with the last basenese and he did not work at Morgan Stanley.

There are two explanations for this:

  1. Lou uses a pseudonym and actually has this resume
  2. Lou lies on his resume

Some people like to use an alias when posting online, and there seem to be plenty of action selectors that do.

This could just be a privacy issue or maybe there are some red flags in your past that you don't want to know about.

Personally, I think an action selector should use its real name. This isn't Hollywood where you need a stage name.

You must allow others to critically examine your past.

Lou won't allow that.

2) You get investment ideas with technology stocks

On Lou's websites, he states that he is a "reputable tech analyst and investor."

Their services usually revolve aroundthe tech bagThey can fall into the following categories:

  • 5G
  • Space related actions
  • Autonomous Cars
  • A
  • 3d print
  • Biotechnology
  • mobile payments

There are definitely pros and cons to investing in these stocks.

Pro #1 – Great growth potential

Tech stocks have some of the highest returns compared to other sectors.

Imagine if you bought Google when this stock first became available.

There are many companies waiting to explode.

Pro #2 – Diversification

Tech stocks come in all shapes and sizes. They also cover a wide range of markets.

You can invest in safer, more established large-cap stocks, invest in small-cap stocks, and everything in between.

Disadvantage #1 – High ratings

Many tech stocks may be overvalued or too high to buy.

Google stock currently tops $2,000. That makes the safest, large-cap stocks hard for everyday people to buy.

Drawback #2 – High volatility

Tech stocks are notoriously volatile. So if you don't have the stomach for big stock price swings, they're not for you.

I did another check of a tech stock picker and the service was calledIO-Fondos.

The owner recently tweeted this, which really sums up the volatility:

Trend Trader Daily Review: Lou Basenese Stress? (5)

3) Lou's stock selection was not good

I can't tell you how each and every one of Lou's actions has performed, but he's making a lot of teaser picks.

This is when a stock picker trades access to a stock pick when you buy one of their services.

It is meant to serve as a sweetener and are meant to be your best stock options.

Here's a look at how Lou's teaser picks have performed in recent years:

Vuzix in August 2021

In August 2021, Lou released a sneak peek on a stock he dubbed the "iPhone Killer".

In the filing, Basenese claims that Apple will intentionally phase out its iPhone and launch a new type of phone product to replace it.

The company being mocked is Vuzix and would benefit from the launch of this new product.

This is how the stock has behaved since then:

Trend Trader Daily Review: Lou Basenese Stress? (6)

It had a very small blowout in November, but so far the stock has lost around 50% of its value.

This is supposed to pay off in years, not months, but it still doesn't look good.

Cue Biofarma in October

In another sneak peek, Lou claims that huge profits can be made by investing in a company called Cue Biopharma.

However, this was an urgent launch and he had to buy the shares before November 14.

In the presentation, Lou claims that he has more than $300,000 in stock and that he has the potential to dominate the cancer treatment market.

Was Lou's investment worth it?

Trend Trader Daily Review: Lou Basenese Stress? (7)

I mean he did a little tech when Lou said it.

But he hazarded the potential benefits by the thousands.

If you didn't sell it immediately after you bought it, it's way down now (over 50% again).

C-Com Satellite Systems in March 2021

About a year ago, Lou proposed a stock related to LEO satellite constellations and wanted you to buy a $3 share called C-Com Satellite Systems.

According to the bulletin, this stock could post conservative gains of up to 3.906%.

That's pretty massive.

How the stock has performed over the past year:

Trend Trader Daily Review: Lou Basenese Stress? (8)

Another 50% loser!

Atomera in October 2019

This is one of Lou's older selections and has had a long time to mature.

The company being mocked was Atomera, marketed as a "single-share retirement plan."

Shares were just $3 when this campaign launched, and here's how it's evolved since:

Trend Trader Daily Review: Lou Basenese Stress? (9)

This stock has performed extremely well, rising as high as $41 in 2021.

It's down a bit from its peak, but it's still well above the $3 price it was in October 2019.

Neptune Wellness Solutions in April 2019

Here's another stock pick that has fully matured since its recommendation (basically 3 years ago).

This action has been touted as "The surest way to profit from the marijuana gold rush."

The company was called Neptune Wellness Solutions and at the time it had just obtained its CBD oil license.

When the stock was teased, it was around $3 and now...

Trend Trader Daily Review: Lou Basenese Stress? (10)


I think if you sold it when it was in its prime, you could have doubled your money, but if you held onto it, you would have basically lost all your money.

Overall, Lou's teaser picks are pretty underwhelming and anyone who's invested in all of them is surely underwhelming.

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What does Trend Trader Daily offer?

Trend Trader Daily Review: Lou Basenese Stress? (11)

Trend Trader Daily has a few different products for sale.

Here's an overview of each:

Digital Fortune ($299 per year)

Promising to help you catch tech trends before everyone else, Digital Fortunes brings you powerful tech stocks.

You will receive a newsletter every month and in the newsletter you will find the stock selection.

Along with the picks will be a full description of why Lou likes them and why you should invest.

There are also some promotions for this newsletter.

That way you can buy it for $99 a year and get some special reports (teaser stock picks).

However, if you buy it through the Trend Trader Daily website, you will have to pay $299 per year.

Micro-Cap Advantage ($2,995 per year)

This newsletter is not currently open to the public and there is a waiting list if you would like to participate.

It's also very expensive, costing $2,995 per year.

This is another newsletter subscription service and it focuses on small (or micro) cap companies.

These are also known aspenny stocksand it reminds me of another service I calledMicrocap-Insider.

Essentially, these are stocks that are dirt cheap and have a market capitalization of less than $500 million.

Some people claim that these stocks outperform large-cap stocks, but there is no proof of this.

Penny stocks are extremely volatile and often these companies do not last long.

Also, since they are so small, it can be difficult to get good information about the company.

Personally, I would avoid investing in these types of stocks.

Biotech Break Alert ($5,000 per year)

This service focuses on biotech stocks, which are medical and pharmaceutical companies.

Some similar newsletters are:

  • behind the markets
  • Mauldin economics
  • green chip stocks

This is another product that currently has a waiting list.

To enter, you must register and wait for an email when space becomes available.

Takeover Trader ($995 per year)

Here we have another bulletin that has a waiting list.

This is a bit cheaper than the last pair you saw from Basenese.

The tone of this newsletter is what Lou calls the Bermuda Triangle, where stocks "disappear":

Trend Trader Daily Review: Lou Basenese Stress? (12)

He alludes to companies being bought out by larger corporations, also known as takeovers.

This newsletter focuses on stocks that target other companies, typically resulting in a rise in the company's share price.

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Trend Trader Daily FAQ

Here are some answers to any remaining questions you may have:

1) Do you think the prices are fair?

The price for the first service is not bad, especially when you find the promotional price of $99 per year.

That's pretty fair for what you get.

Even at full price ($299 per year), it's still not bad. That is what you would expect from an introductory newsletter.


The other services are too much money.

Once you buy the introductory product, you are marketed to the more expensive products as well.

I wouldn't think about the other newsletters that cost thousands a year unless Digital Fortunes pays off.

2) Is there a refund policy?

Yes, there is a 30 day refund policy on all Trend Trader Daily products.

In fact, that's a good thing, since most newsletters only refund their cheap products and not their more expensive ones.

You have 30 days to get your money back on any product.

3) Is Lou Basenese legit?

I honestly can't say.

As I described above, there is no one by the name of Lou Basenese who has his resume.

Either he's lying about his Wall Street experience or he's using an alias.

Using an alias isn't always the best thing in the world, unless someone is trying to hide something in their past.

I emailed Lou to see if he had an explanation for why he wasn't filing with FINRA.

I'll update when I reply.

4) How are the customer reviews?

The customer reviews I have read are quite positive with some people claiming to make money from Lou's services.

Well, the stocks I investigated weren't good.

But it has a list of actions that seem to be winners, so maybe just the teasers were bad.

In all honesty, customer reviews are the only reason Trend Trader Daily gets a decent score from me.

Without them, this newsletter would go into the Not Recommended pile.

5) Is the investment strategy legitimate?

Investing in tech and biotech stocks is legitimate, but I personally don't like being so focused on one market.

So if you buy this newsletter, I don't think you should solely rely on this one and not others.

Personally, I wouldn't invest in every selection either.

You could invest in some Trend Trader Daily stocks and use other newsletters as well.

However, I would avoid the Microcap newsletter. Penny stocks are not a good idea.

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Daily Trend Trader Pros and Cons


  • Good refund policy:All investment newsletters should offer a refund, and Lou offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of its products.
  • Good customer reviews:Some of Lou's services are highly rated and customers claim to make money from them.


  • Questions about the resume:Lou Basenese is not listed in FINRA records. That means Lou is lying about his name or where he came from.
  • Expensive services:Most of Lou's products are overpriced, costing thousands a year.
  • Bad Teaser Picks:The stock picking that Lou uses to market his newsletters has been really bad.
  • Penny Stocks:Many of the companies Lou suggests are penny stocks and investing in them is very risky.

Daily Trend Trader Conclusion.

Trend Trader Daily is an interesting service and I think it's worth buying the introductory product just to try out Lou's selection.

However, this product has its red flags.

I don't like that Lou's resume doesn't match his name and I certainly don't like the price of most products on Trend Trader Daily.

The only thing that makes me recommend this company is the customer reviews, which are pretty good.

There aren't many of them, but there are enough, which leads me to believe there are some good stock picks here.

But if you skip those newsletters, it's not a big deal. There are many better alternatives.

Here's a better chance

It may be worth buying Trend Trader Daily if you want to see the cheapest product.

However, this is definitely not my favorite stock picking service.

I have reviewed hundreds of places that claim they can offer high yielding stock picks.

To see my favorite place that does this (which is very affordable),click below:

Get ideas on high-yield stocks!

See below where I get my winning stock ideas from:

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