Lou Basenese Digital Fortunes Review - Is It Any Good? (2023)

October 12, 2021byphil

This Digital Fortunes review by Lou Basenese will examine how the "Billion Dollar Man" can bring you earnings that "will change your life."

According to the publisher, your insights will alert you to trends that will bring you big profits.

His focus isn't just on feeding you, however. Their goal in their newsletter is also to give you as much information as possible so you can make an informed decision.

Read on as we take a closer look at Digital Fortunes.

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General description


What is Crowdability?


Who is Lou Basenese?


What is Digital Fortunes?


How it works


What do you get


Cost and refund policy


Tracking and revision history


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pros vs cons


Conclusion - Should you apply?

General description

Lou Basenese Digital Fortunes Review - Is It Any Good? (2)

  • Name: Digital Fortunes
  • Editing: Lou Basenese
  • Editor: Crowdability / Trend Trader Daily
  • Site: www.crowdability.com / www.trendtraderdail.com
  • Service: Investment Research Service
  • Cost: $299, $149, $99

This investment advice promises to provide you with monthly investment recommendations on "the most exciting and profitable trends". As an independent analyst and technology expert, Lou Basenese promises big returns.

In addition to its newsletters, it also provides special reports on market trends.

We have already introduced the editor in our previous articles. We review yourPerfect 5G stockySecret $15 Company Behind Elon Musk and Jeff Bezosprogress on this site. You might want to check this out.

What is Crowdability?

Lou Basenese Digital Fortunes Review - Is It Any Good? (3)

According to their website:

Crowdability is the world's first and largest online research company focused on initial investment. In just a few years, we've quickly become a leader in this emerging industry, serving over 100,000 free and paid subscribers.

Simply put, Crowdability is a regular editor. Its main differentiating factor from most of the ones we've covered is its focus.

The spotlight here is on the "emerging equity crowdfunding industry" due to the JOBS Act. This allows non-accredited investors to provide capital to startups through crowdfunding.

Earticle on legislationHe says this encourages the growth of small businesses and startups. It has three important characteristics:

  • Facilitate access to money
  • Allow crowdfunding
  • reduce bureaucracy

To stay relevant in development, the firm provides "data, research and education" to individual and institutional investors.

So what is the company's main raison d'être?

According to their website, it's simple. Crowdability wants to help individual investors who want to venture into equity crowdfunding.

Since this is new, he wants to prevent people from making mistakes due to lack of information. The materials they provide will help educate investors so they can make sound financial decisions.

Unlike in the past, when only the rich could participate, small investors can now support new businesses. All they have to do is pool their resources to be able to provide capital.

The company believes this is a revolutionary development. With it, more Americans will be inspired to be entrepreneurs. Furthermore, this will stimulate economic growth, especially in many local communities.

We commend the company's decision to educate people about this.

As things stand, investing is already a confusing undertaking. Even with the proliferation of more resources online, many are still being misled. Clearly, people still need more reliable financial information.

The JOBS Act would naturally raise new questions, especially as people are so excited about it. This enthusiasm can sometimes lead to wrong decisions due to a lack of deeper knowledge about the subject.

So Crowdability's offer to educate investors is most welcome. Of course, this is still subject to the quality of your free and paid services. But we will analyze these points in the following sections.

Meanwhile, Matthew Milner and Wayne Mulligan are the founders of Crowdability.

Milner, according to his profile, is a media and technology executive. The man is also a tech entrepreneur who has sold startups to companies like Hearst.

In addition, a significant part of his experience is a stint on Wall Street. He previously worked with Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers.

His partner, Mulligan, is also active in finance, media and technology. He was also CEO of the Institute for Individual Investors.

The other members of the Crowdability team are:

  • Brian Eller, associate editor
  • Rob Parker, Director of Marketing
  • George Zhao, CTO

Essentially, the financial media company culls information and research from other sources. Most of their articles are also free.

However, they also offer premium services. One is, of course, Lou Basenese's Digital Fortunes, but more on that later. The others are:

  • Initial Stage Manual
    • A step-by-step guide to potentially profitable early-stage investment strategies
    • Silver: $249, Gold: $379, Platinum $499
  • CrowdabilityIQ
    • Software that shows rankings and ratings of private equity investment opportunities
    • $99 per month
  • Benefits of the private market
    • It provides individual investors with actionable investment ideas in the private markets.
  • Unlimited Income
    • Identifies high-yield investments that can provide you with significant income
  • advantage of microcap
    • It provides individual investors with "micro-cap" trading recommendations.
    • $2,995 annual fee
  • digital fortunes
    • More on that in the following sections.

In presenting these services, Crowdability uses the same playbook that other publishers are known for. Almost every newsletter has "first of its kind", "world's only" or some variation.

Well, that might work for some, at least for a while. However, more than these labels, we believe that investors care more about the quality of work and actual performance.

For serious and demanding investors, such claims may even be a turnoff. And you? How do you react to such statements when you see them? Let's discuss this in the comments section.

We also want to point out that clicking on Digital Fortunes on the Crowdabilty website will take you to a new website.

Apparently, Lou Basenese has his own, www.trendtraderdaily.com. So we were wondering what the relationship was between the two companies.

When we checked Trend Trader Daily's terms and conditions, we discovered that it is actually a subsidiary of Crowdability. More on this site later.

If you want to know more about the activities of the publisher, read our preliminary reviews. We already wrote about themInitial Stage ManualyGenesis Investments.

Who is Lou Basenese?

Lou Basenese Digital Fortunes Review - Is It Any Good? (4)

The editor of the newsletter is Louis "Lou" Basinese. The boy's official title is "Founder and Chief Investment Strategist".

His main experience is on Wall Street, where he worked as a financial analyst. While at Morgan Stanley, one of the biggest roles he played was facilitating over $1.5 billion in capital money.

His previous ventures include Wall Street Daily and Disruptive Tech Research. The first was so successful that it reached 700,000 daily readers. The latter, in turn, focused on institutional investors.

In that service, he provided the latest trends and research in the technology and biotechnology sectors.

Due to two decades in the market and analysis of the technology sector, it has also built a great reputation. He claims that some people call him the "Billion Dollar Man".

Again, this is from his eulogy release, so we're not sure how much weight to give this statement. This was apparently due to his work with Morgan Stanley.

True or not, people seem to consider him an expert. He lends his insights to organizations such as The Wall Street Journal, Investing.com and MarketWatch. Fox Business and CNBC also book regularly.

For Crowdability, Basenese offers three services. One is a free article he writes every Tuesday. The other two are Micro-Cap Advantage and Digital Fortunes.

Meanwhile, on his website, Louis Basenese's Trend Trader Daily, there are other newsletters.

First, it has a separate free ad called Trend Trader Daily. In it, he says he shares his research on technology and emerging industries with you before discussing them with the public.

The second is the Micro-Cap Advantage, which we already discussed above.

Third, Basenese has a service called Biotech Breakout Alert. He says this is an elite research newsletter that talks about breakthrough innovations.

Your monthly biotech investment recommendation, based on your claims, can generate up to four-figure earnings. An annual subscription costs $5,000.

The fourth is something called a Takeover Trader. Unfortunately, their website does not add any information to the service.

Fifth in its arsenal is Trend Trader PRO. For a $20 monthly subscription, you'll receive up to three stock picks per week.

This is in addition to the Trend Trader Daily and Trend Trader PRO newsletters. Also includes The Trend Trader Bible.

Sixth on the list is Digital Fortunes. You'll learn more about this in the next section.

So what do we think about Lou Basenese?

Well, we watched some of his media interviews and read some articles. We could say that we understand why it is a basic element in business programs.

He speaks very clearly, even on complex market and technology issues. You know how sometimes when you hear or read a piece by an "expert" you tend to tune out?

Well, with Basenese, that won't be a problem. Use normal language that everyone can understand. It also explains in related terms, including technical issues.

Here is an excerpt from his October 5, 2021 article, The Biggest Myth About Wall Street Analysts:

If you rely on top Wall Street analysts to program your investments, give it up.

I'm serious.

While many investors would like to believe that these hot-headed nerds enjoy privileged access to information that allows them to routinely outperform the markets, this is obviously false.

So we understand why people seem to listen to him.

A tactic he uses to lure you in is also teasing like the one below. Even if you have free articles on your site, not all information will be available.

To write a little, just when you're already in the zone, cut the thread short. You then invite your readers to sign up for your premium services.

But this does not apply to all articles, some of their reviews are completely free.

Lou Basenese Digital Fortunes Review - Is It Any Good? (5)

What is Digital Fortunes?

The Digital Fortunes brand promise is that you will be the first to know about profitable trends. We know that when it comes to these investments, time is of the essence.

So Basenese ensures that with your subscription you are first in line. According to his website, here are some of the trends he has his eye on:

  • 5G
  • space based internet
  • autonomous cars
  • Artificial intelligence
  • 3D printing
  • biometric authentication
  • mobile payments

For Basenese, spotting the right trend and catching it early is the key to great wealth. He will be able to help you in this area because he is the Billion Dollar Man.

All of his years of experience have taught him the skills he needs to make incredible profits.

You also don't have to worry about what kind of market or economy we're in.

According to him, there are secrets to increasing profits even in bad times. Digital Fortunes subscription will help you to increase your net worth even during economic downturn.

How it works

According to them, since the purpose of Digital Fortunes is to make you rich, it will not just give you information as is.

Rather, along with a trade, Basenese will provide additional information. That way, your decisions will be based as much on your analysis as on your understanding of its recommendations.

According to their website, the investment prospectus you will receive will be about an "innovative investment trend" and a specific trade.

You will also be able to read their research on the company. This includes a technology overview, a business model preview, and a study of the competition.

Another crucial piece of information at your service is the profile of the company's leadership.

As an additional guide, Digital Fortunes will also provide the potential profits and all risks involved.

The marketing page also clarifies that the recommendations range from "risk-free" mid-caps to large-caps. It ensures that these are stable and still conservative.

With his guidance, you will potentially earn a 50-100% return without much exposure to risk.

Furthermore, this opportunity is something he presents to everyone. People with different income, net worth or even citizenship can benefit from your service.

There are also no minimum investment requirements and you can continue to use your brokerage account.

What do you get

Lou Basenese Digital Fortunes Review - Is It Any Good? (6)

If you visit the website and click on the signup link, the price is $299. This is for 12 months of investment advice along with typical newsletter features. Very clear.

But if you click on the link to one of their promotions in which Elon Musk is the central character, you will receive a different offer.

Here the style is that Basenese wants to give you their special reports. Why? Because you're that kind of person, there's no need to question your motives.

The three gifts are:

  • The Secret $15 Company Behind Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos' Race to Internet Domination
    • How this small company's reception technology works
    • Why you need to act now before a potential takeover takes place
    • The name and symbol of this $15 small business
    • My investment allocation guidance, showing exactly how much to buy and for how much
  • Moving from one space to owning IT ALL!
    • A single move that allows you to potentially benefit from:
      • Sales of critical components, such as ground equipment that can receive satellite signals.
      • Parts of rockets and satellites
      • Space-based intelligence and imaging services
      • Companies that own and operate satellites.
      • Other vital satellite communications equipment and infrastructure services
  • How to claim Elon's Internet StarLink before everyone else!

He wants you to have it all, but there's just one small favor. Surely you didn't expect that, did you?

He just wants you to try his newsletter. It's risk-free, he says. In fact, if you sign up right away and reach the limit, it will add one more bonus.

  • My #1 way to play the rise of regenerative medicine

So it's risk free with lots of freebies. In addition, you still receive your investment recommendations that will give you astronomical returns.

We just have to ask. Are you fans of this type of tactic? Do you like people telling you that you'll get stuff for free only to find out later about a catch?

What are your thoughts on this?

On the final page of the offer, another marketing tactic they use is a fake timer. Supposedly, you only have 15 minutes to add your details and register your credit card.

However, during the investigation, we found that the timer went to zero. So that was it? Would we no longer see the offer because our time was up?

Well, we just clicked "back" and it was there again. No problem.

For this tactic, we don't even have to ask you, but feel free to share your thoughts. We think it's irritating, not to mention misleading.

Of course, some people are still fooled by this. We're pretty sure it works for some people. But if the time element limits potential subscribers from doing more research, we don't think that's beneficial to consumers.

Rather than pressuring them, we think what publishers should do is encourage subscribers to read the fine print. Only when they are aware of the risks involved should they finally apply.

This will only backfire on publishers if reading your terms and conditions stops subscribers. If that's the case, do they not trust your product?

Cost and refund policy


There are three confusing pricing tiers for Digital Fortunes. You will only find out when you reach the end of the field.

If you want the basic service, you only need to pay $99 for a year-long subscription. This entitles you to digital copies of the newsletter.

For $149 per year, you'll already get bonus reports on top of the basic notices. However, it's unclear which of the freebies are available for this offer.

They are pushing really hard for subscribers to enjoy what they call the BEST DEAL. Originally priced at $299 (yeah right), they're buying it for just $149.

But wait, there's more, as the ubiquitous infomercials would say.

With this annual subscription, you will not only receive the digital subscription and bonus reports from previous offers. They will also add "extra" bonus reports plus "premium customer service".

Wow! So for the above offers, will subscribers be subject to rude and incompetent customer service agents? We joke, of course. But we wonder what exactly "premium" means in this case.

Lou Basenese Digital Fortunes Review - Is It Any Good? (7)

refund policy

When you read Basenese's statement, he emphasizes that it is completely risk-free. Just try.

Within 30 days, call them and they'll refund you. No questions. You can keep any reports you've already downloaded.

Even with that policy, it all comes down to how Crowdability and Basenese implement it. So let's hope they keep their promise.

Anyway, even if the period is shorter than some of the newsletters we review, we appreciate it.

Tracking and revision history

So how did Basenese fare as an investor and publisher? Here are his website's earning claims:

  • 1.223% to OptionXpress
  • 358% are not Apple
  • 187% no Control4
  • 749% na Energous Corp
  • 343% in Organovo Holdings
  • 163% in Resonant
  • 187% no Control4
  • 163% on the Acme package
  • 972% a Tesla
  • 749% in just under two months with options on Energous Corp.
  • 634% in less than a year with Atomera Inc
  • 972% swapping Tesla in just two days
  • Gain of 104.8% on GNMK in just 25 days
  • 118.7% gain in INO in just 4 weeks
  • 116.5% gain on VXRT in just 30 days
  • 109.1% gain on ARCT in just one month
  • 122.6% ALT gain in just 7 weeks
  • 100% profit on OPK in less than 8 weeks
  • Profit of 243.5% on APDN in just 45 days

Sounds impressive, right?

Of course, these numbers are from your marketing page. Unfortunately, we don't have enough information to verify all these claims.

But if they're real, you must have an army of satisfied subscribers.

So let's see how readers feel about him and his service.

We could see a seemingly outdated Digital Fortunes review page oncommon rubber shoe. We say it's out of date because the listed publisher is the Wall Street Daily and the only comment is from 2017.

Anyway, it is worth noting that out of 12 votes, it got 3.6 out of 5 stars.

Their other service scored the same ranking as the site.trend traderearned 3.5 stars from 15 reviewers.

When trying to get a clear picture of basenese, we observedcomments that mentioned him. We found a positive:

Lou Basenese Digital Fortunes Review - Is It Any Good? (8)

There was also a comment that he suspected him.

Lou Basenese Digital Fortunes Review - Is It Any Good? (9)

We were surprised to see a commenter named "Lou Basenese" replying to the comment.

Lou Basenese Digital Fortunes Review - Is It Any Good? (10)

Othercomment from 2013spoke ill of their services.

Lou Basenese Digital Fortunes Review - Is It Any Good? (11)

As we always say, positive and negative comments don't tell the whole story. But we've still included them so that you can make an informed judgment based on your assessment of all available information.

pros vs cons


  • Basenese uses relatable, easy-to-understand language
  • Tech trends have huge profit potential


  • Employ nasty traditional sales tactics
  • Tends to promise too much

Conclusion - Should you apply?

Basenese's promise is that it can guide you in making investments with a return of 50% to 100%. You'll see these gains through their recommendations from "risk-free" mid-caps to large-caps, in line with their claims.

Plus, he says they're stable and conservative investments, so you shouldn't worry too much.

But are his promises too good to be true?

Well, based on everything we've covered in our Lou Basenese Digital Fortunes review, hopefully you already have an answer. Tell us below what you think about our services.


A writer and researcher, Phil enjoys exploring topics in finance, investing, and consumer behavior. His two small children serve as an inspiration for his defense of education and youth.

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