How to Write Compelling Marketing Emails (With Examples) (2023)

People subscribe to your newsletter because they want to know what's going on. The launch of a new product, feature or event is a perfect opportunity to communicate with your subscribers.

But most emails don't even get opened. Would you like to learn how to make your own?Announcement EmailsEffective? This guide will teach you in less than ten minutes.


  • What is an announcement email?

  • Types of promotional emails

  • How do I write a promotional email?

    • 1. Customer survey
    • 2. Establish an emotional appeal
    • 3. Create a catchy subject line
    • 4. Create value-based content
    • 5. Add visual elements
    • 6. Add a call to action
  • 7 Sample Email Announcements

    • 1. Business process update announcement
    • 2. Product Launch Announcement
    • 3. Pre-order product announcement
    • 4. Announcement of the next event
    • 5. Company News Announcements
    • 6. Announcement of the project start
    • 7. Company News Announcements
  • Make announcements with Mailmodo

What is an announcement email?

Common marketing emails let your customers know about great deals or encourage them to make a purchase. When a company wants to share news with their subscribers, they send oneAnnouncement Email.

Since most announcement emails have something important to say to the customer, the stats are on your side. ONEHubspot searchof B2B professionals indicates that email advertising has a higher click-through rate.

Types of promotional emails

There are several things a company can say to its newsletter subscribers. Here are some of the most common reasons to write an announcement email.

  • Emails with new business announcementsare usually sent to a small number of people who have signed up for the pre-launch newsletter. This letter informs them that the company has started and is ready to serve its customers.

  • Announcement emails about the start of new processeswill also be delivered before the launch. These emails keep subscribers informed of the development process and are critical to generating excitement.

  • Website Announcement EmailsShare news about launching a new website or moving to a new website.

  • Product launch announcement emailsNotify email subscribers that the company has launched a new type of goods or services on its website.

  • Announcement emails for new featuresLet subscribers know that a new feature is being released—usually a SaaS tool releasing an update to its toolset.

  • Announcement emails for new eventsare used to notify newsletter subscribers of a new webinar, meeting or other event they may be attending.

  • Reminder emails for employeesare sent internally within a company to notify employees of an important company policy update or to announce a company-wide event.

How do I write a promotional email?

Emails are usually very short, no more than 200 words. But anyone who works with email marketing knows that creating emails takes a lot more time than reading them. To make this process easier, here's a quick guide to writing an announcement email.

1. Customer survey

Of course, creating the perfect email requires creativity. But it will fall short if you don't do your research first.

One way to research what your customers expect from your new products and features isResearching your customers🇧🇷 Another method that doesn't require as many resources is keyword research.

You can research keywords relevant to your business and current email campaign using marketing tools likeSE Ranking Keyword Generator🇧🇷 Pay special attention to keywords longer than three words. Long keywords often contain questions that are searched for. Also, opt for high search volume keywords, which means greater interest in that phrase. This might give you an idea of ​​what to write in your email.

How to Write Compelling Marketing Emails (With Examples) (1)

It is not mandatory to perform this analysis for every promotional email, but the data can benefit your email marketing.

2. Establish an emotional appeal

Before you create a promotional or marketing email, you need to understand how the customer feels about it.

(Video) 5 Steps - How To Write A Perfect Email? Tips For Effective Communication & Email Writing Skills

Want them to be impressed with your new makeup line? Do you want them to be excited about the new possibilities that an introductory feature brings? Or do you want them to be captivated by your latest webinar speakers?

You need to get the angle of the email right so that it not only conveys information, but evokes an emotion in the reader. Create your email promotion template with that in mind.

3. Create a catchy subject line

The subject line is one of the first things a newsletter subscriber sees, and that is how they will judge the email. It has to be captivating without being misleading.

This is one of the hardest things about crafting an email, and there's always an element of subjectivity. You can make the process smoother by creating multiple subject lines and asking your team to pick the best ones. You can walk laterA/B worthywith the best picks to see what works best.

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4. Create value-based content

If you write a copy for the email, you must include the information you wish to promote. But this type of email doesn't have to be dry and informative.

Add a spin to your email and focus on the value the reader can get from it. See how we can change the language from dry to values-based.

original messageRevamped value-based message
We are launching a new makeup line.We bring you new ways to be fabulous.
We're introducing a new automation feature.Save time with our company.
This month's webinar is tomorrow.Don't miss any industry insights tonight.
The company received $5 million in additional funding.With a new round of financing, we are ready to expand.

Some emails need to be long, while some messages require a few sentences and lots of visuals. Even if your email is long, try to keep it under 200 words - people rarely have the time to read a long email. If you want to add more information, please leave a link to it.

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5. Add visual elements

Adding images to your email is the easiest way to say a lot to your readers while saying very little. Whether it's an emotional image like a celebrity wearing your products or a small infographic, an image is always more communicative than a long email copy.

6. Add a call to action

In most cases, you send an email to the user to perform an action. Make sure you are clear on what this action is and how to proceed. add aCTApress and mark.

If your email is longer, add two CTAs, one right after the subject and one at the end of the email.

7 Sample Email Announcements

The best way to learn how to create the perfect announcement email is to create lots of them and learn from your mistakes. But don't limit yourself to just learning from mistakes and successes. Here are some example announcement emails you can use to learn best practices.

1. Business process update announcement

How to Write Compelling Marketing Emails (With Examples) (2)


Regarding:We are changing our checkout system this Tuesday!

The idea behind this sample announcement email is brilliant. This company is changing their POS system and closing the store for a day. They let their customers know that nothing changes from their point of view, answer a few questions and thus make life easier for the employees.

You may be wondering why writing an email is so important when nothing is going to change. New customers won't notice the difference, but regular customers will ask questions at checkout. This email helps avoid that while showing some care for the customer base.

O to take away:

  • Let your loyal customers know about the little things

  • It's okay to keep the email short and only for announcements that don't bring anything important to your customers.

  • Using an FAQ section in an email is an interesting idea.

    (Video) Email Marketing Copy Example | Email Copy Breakdown

2. Product Launch Announcement

How to Write Compelling Marketing Emails (With Examples) (3)


This email announces the release of the latest version of a product. It features a large image to grab attention and briefly explains the new product before placing a CTA.

Readers who don't know much about the product can scroll down the CTA button and find links to how-to articles. This is a great way to deal with information that cannot realistically be presented via email.

O to take away:

  • Including an image in the first part of a merchandising email is a great idea.

  • Adding the CTA right after the essential information can increase CTR

  • It's okay to leave links to information that doesn't fit in an email.

Pro Tip:You can also send emails about your product launch in product hunt in your announcement email. You can customize and use oursStart template for the product searchto send such advertisements.

3. Pre-order product announcement

How to Write Compelling Marketing Emails (With Examples) (4)


Regarding:Order Pixel Buds Pro for immersive sound

The Google Store makes three main points in this email:

  • A new product will be released shortly

  • It's good

  • This shop is the best place to pre-order it.

He covers each one in a small section of the launch announcement email. To explain the benefits of the product, the email format includes a brief description of the benefits along with a link to the website.

Since Google is a company, it's not surprising that it has quite a lengthy legal disclosure on marketing claims. Legal disclosure is not mandatory in most cases, but if you feel your email could be interpreted as misleading due to marketing efforts, there's no harm in adding one.

O to take away:

  • Concise texts can also benefit from value-oriented language

  • Shorten the email copy by providing links to more information

  • Two CTAs is not too much

  • Legal disclosure for marketing speech is a good idea

4. Announcement of the next event

How to Write Compelling Marketing Emails (With Examples) (5)

(Video) 6 Great Email Marketing Campaigns Examples (As Chosen By Experts)


If the person reading this email clicks on the first CTA without scrolling down, all they see is this:

  • A title that clearly says what the event is about

  • Who are the guests of the event

  • the date of the event

  • the CTA button

Honestly, that's more than enough to make a conversion. The email also allows you to dig deeper into the event itself.Personalize your emailsand only send event announcements to people whose topics already interest them, as this often leads to an increase in conversions.

O to take away:

  • Only send emails to people who have already shown an interest in the related topic

  • Two CTAs is not too much

  • Adapting ads for larger events is a great idea when possible.

5. Company News Announcements

How to Write Compelling Marketing Emails (With Examples) (6)


Regarding:Anchor Analytics is now IAB certified

This email informs customers that the company has received an important certificate. Most people will understand that the subject line conveys it pretty clearly even without reading the email.

Those who open it will likely read a brief description of what benefits the certification will bring them, rather than the company boss's enthusiasm and pride. For those who want to know more, there is a link to the full explanation on the website.

O to take away:

  • For more formal announcements, keep the subject line short. That alone can be enough to effectively communicate the information.

  • Formal events can also be used to demonstrate customer benefits.

  • Complex topics can be better explained by keeping the email short and linking to a more detailed source of information.

6. Announcement of the project start

How to Write Compelling Marketing Emails (With Examples) (7)


Regarding:Prepare for the future of Warcraft, username

"Company news for July" sounds good. "Prepare for the future of our game" sounds epic. Blizzard has put everything into the subject line of this email to be clickable and good pun as Future of Warcraft is the name of the event.

(Video) How to Master Email Marketing (2023)

The actual email copy informs the reader of three very important project announcement dates and there is a link to learn more.

O to take away:

  • Adjust your subject line if possible

  • Text links can also be CTAs

  • Important events can be communicated with a very short email copy

7. Company News Announcements

How to Write Compelling Marketing Emails (With Examples) (8)


Regarding:Minor Figures is now carbon neutral!

This is a classic company policy update announcement email. Most of the information is conveyed through the subject line and title. The email explains in two sentences what the update means for customers and invites them to learn more on the company's blog.

O to take away:

  • Communicate using the subject line

  • Make the email copy short and to the point

  • Leave a link to learn more

Make announcements with Mailmodo

Ads are always important to the companies that create them. Often these are events that they have been preparing for a long time, or products that have taken hundreds of hours to develop. So don't skip the scene to show your subscribers.

You can embed AMP widgets in your emails to harness the power of interactive emails. For example, you can add a spinner widget to your product launch emails to make them more engaging, or insert an interactive form in the email to get your opinion on the new launch.Registerand try it yourself.

What should you do next

Hello, thanks for reading to the end. Here are 3 ways we can help you grow your business:

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  • 3 Hi everyone, Hi team, or Hi [department name] team.
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What are the 3 C's to marketing success? ›


It consists of the company, the customer, and the competition, which are the three critical components to creating a successful strategy.

What words attract customers? ›

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  • Exclusive.
  • Easy.
  • Limited.
  • Get.
  • Guaranteed.
  • You.
  • Because.
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How do you write a catchy message? ›

Use your words. And fast.
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  2. Short sentences. Sentences should be one-and-a-half lines or less.
  3. Short paragraphs. Paragraphs should rarely exceed six lines.

What is the golden rule of email? ›

In case you never learned it in college, the golden rule of email is never send an email that you wouldn't want to show up on the front page of your local paper. At least it's been my golden rule for decades after painful reminders both public and private.

What is a good opening sentence for an email? ›

"Hello, my name is [name] and I am writing to you about [matter]." "I would like to introduce myself." "I got your email from [name]." "My name is [name] and I am reaching out about [matter]."

Which is the best first line in a formal email? ›

Opening Sentence for Email Formal
  • I hope you're well.
  • I hope this email finds you well.
  • Hope you're having a great week so far.
  • Hope you had a lovely weekend.
  • Hope you had a lovely vacation.
  • Thanks for letting me know.
  • Thanks for reaching out.
  • Thanks for getting in touch.
22 Sept 2022

What are four tips for writing a great professional email? ›

10 Tips for Writing Professional Emails
  • Start with a meaningful subject line. ...
  • Address them appropriately. ...
  • Keep the email concise and to the point. ...
  • Make it easy to read. ...
  • Do not use slang. ...
  • Be kind and thankful. ...
  • Be charismatic. ...
  • Bring up points in your previous conversation.


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