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Azamara Cruises is a medium-sized cruise line that has a more elegant, classic and exclusive decoration than the main cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean or Carnival. Their ships feature dark woods with sophisticated furnishings, patterns, and color combinations, and their staterooms are no exception.

buenohe will lastThe ships are all Renaissance Cruises' old R class, launched over 20 years ago, the cabins are a bit small, but still comfortable, functional and well-appointed.

Here's an overview of the different types of cabins you can book, how big they are, and what amenities each offers.

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Azamara Cruises first cabin

Azamara has four general cabin types: inside or inside, outside or ocean view, balcony or terrace, and suite. They are divided into five main categories: Club Interior, Club Oceanview, Club Veranda, Club Veranda Plus and Suite.

Everything you need to know about Azamara Cruises staterooms and suites - The Points Guy (1)

Azamara offers seven on each of its shipsaccessibleStaterooms in different types of staterooms: two Club Continent Suites, three Club Inside and two Club Outside (see below). These units offer larger front doors (minimum 33") and bathroom doors (minimum 34") to allow access for wheelchairs, scooters, and other mobility devices. They also come equipped with lower closet rods, a 5-foot turning radius, and ranges from 227 to 324 square feet. Bathrooms feature sloped thresholds, grab bars, roll-in showers, lowered sinks/vanities, height-adjustable toilet seats, pull-down shower benches, and handheld showerheads.

Unfortunately, none of Azamara's ships have dedicated single cabins, but the line occasionally offers discounts for individual travelers, and when they don't, everyone pays double, known as a single supplement, to account for one person's stay. person in a double occupancy room. earn double loyalty pointsIt will be in circle state..

All cabins, regardless of type or category, are equipped with at least one queen-size bed that converts to two single beds, a desk/dressing table with a telephone, nightstands with reading lights, at least one flat-screen television, minus 40 inches. and USB charging ports, minibar, individual climate control, closets, safe, hairdryer, bathrobes, slippers, umbrellas, and fresh flowers.

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Each cabin has an en-suite bathroom with towels, toiletries, shower, sink/vanity, counter space, and toilet. In addition, all rooms offer a daily make-up and turndown service, as well as 24-hour room service, a tote bag, a daily activities newsletter, and turndown gifts.

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Interior cabins on Azamara ships

Azamara's Club Inside Staterooms are 158 square feet and are the most affordable accommodations on board, offering no windows or balconies.

However, they make up for their lack of natural light and sea breezes with their cheaper price and a completely dark sleeping experience that passengers swear gives them the best sleep they've ever had.

Only the above standard amenities are included here, but if you are someone who only wants to be in your room to shower and sleep,An inside cabin might fit the bill.To you.

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Ocean View Staterooms on Azamara Ships

Although Balcony Staterooms are technically Ocean View Staterooms, in this context the line's Club Ocean View Staterooms refer to rooms that have a single window that does not open, with no balcony.

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Oddly enough, the Azamara's exterior cabins are smaller than the interior cabins, with the former measuring just 143 square feet. Even stranger, some of these cabins come with sofa beds that can sleep up to two additional passengers.

It might be tight for so many people in such a small space, but we suspect the natural light will help brighten the room.

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Balcony cabins on Azamara ships

Azamara Balcony Staterooms are available in two versions.

Club Veranda Cabins

These are the most basic balcony accommodations on board, with 175 square feet of living space plus a 40-square-foot sundeck for a total of 215 square feet.

For ships as old as Azamara, the number of balcony rooms is surprising, with many rooms equipped with terraces for cruisers to sit on their own small decks and enjoy drinks and some fresh air.

Camarotes Club Veranda Plus

Although Club Veranda Plus rooms have the same area as Club Veranda staterooms, this is the first stateroom level where guests will really notice a difference between stateroom types in terms of additional amenities.

Your stateroom type above this level will be considered along with your Azamara Circle loyalty status (assuming you are a member) to determine the amount of benefits you will receive during your voyage.

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All passengers booked in Club Veranda Plus accommodations receive the standard offers listed in the cabin categories above, plus free Wi-Fi minutes, one free laundry bag every seven days, one free meal for two at a paid restaurant every seven days, priority boarding and disembarkation and complimentary alcohol in the cabin.

Suites on Azamara ships

The suites on the Azamara ships are divided into four types, and each one offers its residents complimentary butler service.

Everything you need to know about Azamara Cruises staterooms and suites - The Points Guy (5)

Suites Club Continental

The smallest suites on the line, the Club Continent Suites, measure 266 square feet with 60-square-foot balconies. They include all of the above amenities, plus a spacious seating area with a 55-inch flat-screen TV.

In addition to the television and increased surface area, some Club Continent Suite bathrooms also feature bathtubs instead of just a standing shower.

suites club spa

These suites are located on each ship near the Sanctum Spa. In addition to the natural and relaxing décor, cruise lines booking these rooms can expect healthy snacks to be delivered daily. You can also enjoy in-cabin spa music and your own glass-enclosed Jacuzzi tub.

Additionally, Club Spa Suites have rainfall showers and all the amenities offered by Terrace Staterooms, but with a larger (55-inch) TV and 414 square feet of space, plus a 60-square-foot balcony.

Ocean Club Suites

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These 478-square-foot luxury accommodations feature 173-square-foot terraces, separate living and sleeping areas (each room with a 55-inch TV), marble bathrooms with showers only (except Journey and Quest, which have bathtubs) ; changing rooms with vanities; and additional storage space.

In addition, guests staying in these suites have access to all the benefits that those staying in balcony staterooms are entitled to.

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Club World Owners Suites

Club World Owner's Suites are the most luxurious in Azamaras and offer everything reserved for Club Ocean Suites can afford, but with much more space: 603 square feet with 233 square foot balconies.

Like the Club Ocean Suites, they have marble bathrooms (with deep-soaking tubs in Journey and Quest) and separate living room and bedroom, each with its own television (55" in the first and 40" in the second), as well like the basic amenities mentioned above.

bottom line

Although Azamara's ships are a bit older, they ooze class. Staterooms are elegantly decorated in neutral tones and feature rich furnishings and dark woods with plenty of storage space and extras like fresh cut flowers and 24-hour room service that will put a smile on your face.

The selection isn't as extensive as on board some of the larger major cruise lines, but there's something for everyone, from interiors to luxurious suites.

Featured photo courtesy of Azamara Cruises.

Editorial Disclaimer: The views expressed in this document are solely those of the author, not those of any bank, credit card issuer, airline, or hotel chain, and have not been reviewed, approved, or otherwise endorsed by any of those entities.

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