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First, should you really use safety slogans in your workplace?

quotable quote:

“The use of silly, nonsensical security slogans is important as it creates a distraction and an illusion that security and risk are being addressed. It might be nice to say those words, but they simplify the culture and distract people from taking safety seriously.” by Dr. rob longHERE

While safety slogans can be a simple awareness tool, they should be used with caution due to the unintended messages they can send. Read this article to learn more:Safety is a choice you make

Here's another article on the potential ineffectiveness of workplace safety slogans that might make you think twice about using them:Sayings, slogans and aphorisms.

Do you think there are better ways to communicate safety than using safety slogans? Think about having meaningful conversations with people and working with them to improve the culture; this is much more effective than posting safety slogans everywhere. Think about the unconscious messages you are sending when you rely on this form of communication and awareness. Would you put these safety slogans around your home to remind your loved ones how to think or behave?

According with the doctor. Rob Long (from “Is security a choice you make?“):

One of the things security seems to do well is come up with illogical slogans and sayings. Some examples are: “all accidents can be avoided” and “safety is not an accident”. The problem is that what we say affects the thinking of others and sets the cultural agenda. Half of this nonsense comes from people misinterpreting hindsight bias or not understanding the trajectory of what they are saying.

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If you're still convinced that security slogans are a good idea, read this article by Phil La Duke:Safety slogans don't save lives

We've spent many years collecting these catchy safety slogans, quotes, messages and thought-provoking stuff from all over the internet and we believe this is the world's largest collection of the best workplace safety slogans. We know it's a good list as you'll find them copied many times by other sites 😀


YOU CAN DOWNLOAD OUR LARGE COLLECTION OF SAFETY SLOGANS HERE:The world's largest list of workplace safety slogans

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OHS slogans Articles for reference, discussion and learning

While many safety slogans are witty and have a point, we also need to keep in mind what slogans are, their seductions, and their limits. Many people form their sense of knowledge from slogans, and this is a dangerous practice. Here are some points to consider the next time you use a tagline.

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What do safety slogans mean?

Safety slogans are significant statements, mottos, phrases or phrases of organizations, companies, groups or institutions that are displayed or printed on monograms, publications, advertisements, employee uniforms, walls, hallways, offices or other locations of organizations. These slogans remind and encourage employees or stakeholders about the importance of security in general or specific instances of security. The purpose of safety slogans is to prevent and protect employees or other people from dangers, improve personal and collective safety and ensure better control of dangers in the workplace.

Safeopedia explains safety slogans

Safety slogans should be catchy, memorable and include the repetitive expression of an idea or impulse. Slogans guide and remind people about safety, as safety is often forgotten when one is in a hurry. This security slogan will give them the right impetus to rethink security. Safety slogans are often fun to add a little humor, but they have serious meanings. Some safety slogans are general, like "Safety rules are your best tools", or in particular, like "Fire today, no work tomorrow", etc. Safety slogans and posters are freely available on the Internet. or some can be purchased for a fee.

Why are safety slogans important?

The importance of safety slogans

Safety slogans have been instrumental in helping the general public comply with safety rules. Slogans my generation will never forget include: "Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires", "Strange Danger" and "Just Say No (To Drugs)". Safety slogans from my childhood will remain etched in my mind forever, and similar safety slogans in the workplace can help emphasize your safety prevention procedures. Employees may complain about "silly" or "fancy" safety slogans, but they have proven useful in deterring unsafe practices.

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Introducing safety slogans to employees

Some areas of your workplace can be constantly dangerous due to employee carelessness or unsafe shortcuts. In these cases, a safety slogan can help your employees remember to follow safety protocols. For example, introducing a safety slogan like "Safety Glasses - Everyone Says EYE" can help your employees remember to wear safety glasses in a designated area.

Introducing this new slogan is most effective in conjunction with a safety meeting. Combining a detailed meeting identifying the security issue and presenting the one-line slogan will be more effective than simply introducing the slogan. After presenting the slogan, post it in the designated area. This will remind employees about the entire safety meeting in a short and simple slogan.

impose the motto

Simply pointing the tagline at an employee who is not following protocol will enforce the new safety procedure for that employee and the employees around them. Getting your managers on board with the app will also help employees follow the new protocol.

funny slogans

Taglines that are humorous and/or rhyming usually get more attention than other taglines. Some fun and catchy slogans that get employees' attention include:

  • take care, take care
  • Meet safety, no accidents
  • Your good health is your greatest wealth
  • Security Is Free: Use It Generously
  • If you are aware of it, take care of it.
  • Make security a reality, don't be a fatality
  • A harness is better than a hearse
  • Normal speed meets all needs
  • Hearing protection is a good investment
  • Getting up is a breeze when you bend your knees
  • Organ donor = Person who does not use their safety equipment
  • The arms work best when they are attached to the body.
  • Helmets, they are not just for decoration
  • Hand in, hamburger out

Whenever safety is a concern, a safety slogan can be a useful accident prevention tool. Introducing safety principles to employees can be effective at safety meetings and through the use of a sign. Enforcing the safety rule is simply a matter of reminding employees of the slogan. Finally, using fun and catchy slogans can encourage employees to remember the safety rule and have fun safely.


  1. Safety is our number 1 priority
  2. Safety is not an accident
  3. Take 5 and stay alive
  4. The key to security is in your hands.
  5. No security knows the pain
  6. Safety is a choice you make
  7. One spill, one slip, one trip to the hospital
  8. Safety Glasses: All in favor say "Ojo!"
  9. Safety rules are your best tools.
  10. Stay alert, don't get hurt
  11. You are looking at the person responsible for your safety (sticker on bathroom mirror)


  1. Respectthe unexpected. Think about your risks.”
  2. risk makes sense
  3. What do you think could go wrong and what can you do about it?
  4. Do your best
  5. Celebrate what went right

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500 OF THE BEST OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY SLOGANS 2023 (6)OOften, writing your own slogans can increase the effectiveness of your safety slogan or message. A safety slogan written by your companyfor your companyit reflects your individual goals, and a safety slogan written specifically by you or your team (for free!) can be more attractive to your employees. Try making a safety slogan or messaging contest!For tips on writing your own competition and award-winning safety slogans:How to write your own safety slogans

Some tips for creating your own safety slogans by SafetyCulture.com

Here are some tips on how to create your own safety slogans:

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  • Keep your slogans short.
    • A short slogan can be read and remembered by an employee quickly, and short sentences are particularly easy to remember.
  • Make the tagline focus on the situation.
    • There are many safety slogans available. Choose or write a slogan that relates to the workplace or the hazards present.
  • Add words that rhyme.
    • Words that rhyme tend to stick more in people's minds because our "brains tend to remember information in a memorable pattern".
  • Use acronyms.
    • An example is “K.I.S.S. – Keep him safe and sound.”
  • Make it captivating.
    • Choose words or phrases that grab attention. It can also be fun. Use bold colors and large fonts to make your slogans stand out.

We've spent a lot of time collecting these catchy safety slogans, quotes, messages and thought-provoking stuff from all over the internet and we think this is the world's largest collection of the best workplace safety slogans!The world's largest list of workplace safety slogans


  • It's better to lose a minute in your life... than to lose your life in a minute.
  • Meet safety, no injuries. No security, know the wounds
  • Getting up is a breeze when you bend your knees
  • While on a ladder, never step back to admire your work.
  • Ten fingers, ten toes, if you're not careful, who knows?
  • knockout… accidents
  • Shortcuts shorten life
  • Consider security. This will save your ass.
  • One spill, one slip, one trip to the hospital
  • Safety Glasses: All in favor say "Ojo!"
  • If you're wrong, confess
  • Behind the wheel, anger is one letter away from danger.
  • Chance takers are accident makers
  • Tasks you miss can cause you to slip or fall.
  • It's easier to ask a stupid question than to correct a stupid mistake.
  • Make it your mission not to live in unsafe conditions.
  • Security comes in a can, I can, you can, we can be sure.
  • Security fits like a glove; Try one.
  • Security is a full-time job, don't make it a part-time practice
  • Safety rules are your best tools.
  • Think carefully before starting.
  • When safety comes first, you come last.
  • Electricity can shut you down.
  • You can't heal stupid
  • Prepare and prevent rather than repair and regret.
  • To avoid a scene, keep your workplace clean.
  • Toe safety shoes; Safety glasses on the nose.


Some very original and classic safety slogans from our #1 contributor, Russell T., who says, "We try to use fun slogans that are relevant to our daily startup."

  • WordapproachIt may just be small but the meaning isHUGEwhen it comes to security
  • A security consultant is part of the team, rest assured, it's not always bad
  • When the sun is shining and frying your head, find some shade and water.
  • The final finish line is in place, so stay incident-free with all your might.
  • RDOs almost hear the rest will be Bliss, just watch what you do if you get into Piss.
  • Security is the seam that holds the fabric of life together. Don't let a loose thread undo everything.
  • Move your head closer when the low beams are close, or your head may be forced back.
  • If you give someone a hand, make sure they have a glove.
  • If the heat is bad for you, do whatever it takes and keep drinking water.
  • Use your brain. Avoid Stress.
  • When it rains and puddles form, protect yourself and your tool
  • Safety is the engine and you are the key that starts it.
  • If you don't care about safety, you could end up unconscious. THEN THINK ABOUT IT!
  • When working at height and there's a ledge nearby, don't be brave, your next step could lead to a grave. The drop restriction will give you the advantage of continuing to live.
  • A good safety culture is built over time. never given



This UK company, Clarke's Safety Mirrors, sells mirrors with safety messages and slogans printed on it, i.e. "This is the person responsible for your safety." This is a very old idea and I'm not sure how effective it would really be. What hidden messages do you think you might be sending? How would you really feel if you found one of these? I simply ignore!


The UK forum "Health and Safety Tips for Beginners" has a discussion and some links that may be helpful:http://www.healthandsafetytips.co.uk/forums/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=18292


Many thanks to all our readers who contributed some great safety slogans in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

  • If you see something, say something!! If you SAY something, DO something!! –Robert Morgan
  • Security is like a member of your family. Treat him with disrespect and you leave him vulnerable. Treat him with respect and care for him as you go along and he will always be with you - by Sue C

Safety Slogans in Spanish

  • a new one of,Carlos V. Collazo,San Diego, CA From his days in the Air Force: “A GOOD SAFETY RECORD IS NOT ACCESSED BY ACCIDENT”

A good set of workplace safety instructions recently submitted by Steve Fuller, Production Specialist, Enova Premier, Princeton, Indiana. Thanks a lot, Steve.

  1. Work together... work safely if everyone moves forward together andTake responsibility for your safe work environment.so our security takes care of itself.
  2. Visualize, internalize and realize that safety is up to you, so focus on safety every day and you will find that your safe actions will bring lasting satisfaction.
  3. There are no guarantees when it comes to safety unless you do your part, so turn your attention to accident prevention andbe aware of potential hazards in your work environment so that you can take steps to correct or protect them.
  4. We all find ourselves in situations that sometimes seem hopeless. And we all have the option of doing nothing or taking action. Your actions can save lives, so don't be a bystander when it comes to safety.
  5. A good working practice isFocus on the task(s) at hand. Distractions, boredom or fatigue can lead to accidents and other safety hazards.Always remember that a foreseen danger is half averted.
  6. The lesson for the day is that time runs out with luck; obeying the safety rules will save us from having to learn this lesson the hard way.
  7. No project, no matter how critical, is worth a lost finger, a blind eye, or the tragic loss of a life. When safety becomes the main driver of progress, all parties reap the rewards of a job well done and safe.
  8. Lead your teams by example by following all established safety procedures because alone we can do very little, but together we can do a lot.
  9. Prevent the worst and put safety first, because being safe today will keep you alive tomorrow.
  10. How do you spell security?SaffectiveMETROmeansONEforeverRto rememberTteam work
  11. Safety is a culture to live by;CCommunicationtugrandeeuLeadershipTteam worktuunderstandingRknowledgemifortification
  13. Safety is doing the right thing, even if no one is looking, because safety starts with me!
  14. People, helping people, all shaking hands for our safety.
  15. The difference between a safe act and an unsafe act depends on the level of importance you place on doing the right thing.
  16. The safety of our team members must always come before the production of our parts.
  17. “Winning in safety is like winning in sports. It's not the effort of a single person, but the focus and determination of the entire team working towards a common goal. You have to go out there and do your best, every day."
  18. If you put good people into bad systems you will get bad results so always remember to promote safety in everything we do to make sure our system works so our team members are always safe.
  19. When it comes to safety, let us never leave a team member behind as it is everyone's responsibility to make sure everyone returns home safely to their families.
  20. While I expect him to be a good acquaintance, it's better to have Safety as your best friend.
  21. THINK SAFETY!Watch your THOUGHTS; they become WORDS.
  22. TALK ABOUT SAFETY!Use your words carefully; they become ACTIONS.
  23. TEACH SAFETY!Take care of your ACTIONS; they become HABITS.
  24. WORK SAFELY!Watch your HABITS; they become CHARACTER.
  25. LIVE SAFELYTake care of your CHARACTER; it becomes your DESTINY.
  26. This goes a step further when it comes to security because if you just tell me I can forget about it. If you show me, maybe I'll remember, but if you involve me, I'm committed.
  27. Plan ahead, always put safety first.
  28. Because when it comes to accidents,
  29. No one can go back and start a new beginning,
  30. But anyone can start today and make a new ending.
  31. We each share the responsibility for ensuring that everyone returns home to their families safely every day. We can achieve this by following established safety procedures, our families are counting on us, we will not let them down.
  32. If you know your eyes are priceless, protecting them at work should always be your top priority.priorityso make the right choice and always wear eye protection after all, your personal safety depends on you!
  33. Living with your mistakes is more difficult than you think... Always remember that no matter what profession you practice, safety at work is a concept that must be taken seriously and followed carefully. Your family depends on it!
  34. The good thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side. so rememberCourtesy and common sense promote safety.
  35. We live in a world full of uncertainties, over which we have little or no control. Our Security doesn't have to be one of those uncertainties if we work together and play by the rules.
  36. Take responsibility for your safe work environment. Have the strength to do the right thing every time, even when it seems easier not to.
  37. Stop to think before you act. Accidents are not always the result of bad luck. They occur when someone decides, consciously or not, to take a risk. Be smart and avoid taking unnecessary risks

The 10 Commandments of Workplace Safety

  1. Always be responsible for your safety and that of others.
  2. Always remember that all accidents can be avoided.
  3. Always follow company rules, regulations and procedures.
  4. Always assess the risks, stop and think.
  5. Always be proactive about security.
  6. Always discourage situations you are not trained to deal with.
  7. Always drive the elevator.
  8. Always be prepared.
  9. Always practice good household chores.
  10. Always follow the safest path, never take shortcuts.


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DOWNLOAD OUR LARGE COLLECTION OF SAFETY SLOGANS HERE:The world's largest list of workplace safety slogans

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